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Thought is impossible without words. - John Dewey

Creative Futures LLC is a Massachusetts limited liability company offering business writing consulting services to small and mid-sized companies as well as small departments in larger organizations. The principal owner is Dr. Lucie Lewis.

Meet Our Founder - Dr. Lewis

Dr. Lucie Lewis is passionate about writing and its value in building understanding. She is an educator at heart and believes that writing is an incredibly powerful educational tool, particularly in business. We often speak in terms of professional development when we think about decision-makers rather than about education, but getting educated is something that happens a little more each day - especially when it come to your business. Getting educated about how effectively your business is operating is a dynamic learning process. For Dr. Lewis, helping you as decision-makers make better decisions through the use of quality information is an essential part of that educative process.

Dr. Lewis holds a bachelors in Elementary Education from American International College, a masters in Human Services Administration from Springfield College and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from William Howard Taft University.

She has worked in banking, economic development and higher education. In every experience, she specialized in planning and assessment in one way or another. This experience has shaped a unique perspective of the business process.

Technical communications has been a central responsibility in each position she has held. In addition, several years ago, she branched out into creative writing as well. She has published numerous articles in the AfroAmerican Point of View Community Newspaper.

This diverse background has given her a breadth of knowledge and experience that allows her to draw on her five passions, education, research, writing, planning and assessment to give our clients a high quality product.

Additionally, working 22 years in a deadline-driven environment has prepared her to meet deadlines consistently.

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